Why choose a Cantilever staircase design

Why choose a Cantilever staircase design

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Why choose a cantilever staircase design?

The Cantilever staircase is a truly unique piece of engineering and can create the biggest style statement and transform the interior of a property or internal space.

So why is the Cantilever staircase design so revered?

More than any other staircase design, the cantilever makes a style statement and stands out as something more unique. The treads anchor in at one end to create the illusion of the staircase floating in mid air; the visual look of weightlessness is the reason why clients choose the cantilevered staircase design. Canal Architectural have been manufacturing cantilever staircases for over 20 years but the design concept has recently gained popularity.

The minimalistic design is visually intriguing and defies gravity whilst remaining supported. The design allows the protruding construction to overhang without any external bracing and can accommodate most types of wall structure. The cantilever staircase design takes structural elegance and minimalism to a whole new level (pardon the pun). The cantilever design can be applied to a number of styles including straight, quarter turn, half turn, helical and curved staircase designs.

The Cantilever staircase is reliant on individual requirements, material, existing structure and available space. The Cantilever is one of the most stylish staircases as well as one of the most cost effective for creating a style statement.

The Cantilever staircase is full of design possibilities and can be manufactured from an array of materials and finishes. The choice of materials is infinite and can be applied to individual elements such as treads, balustrades, handrails, fixings, nosing strips and other bespoke detailing.  One of the most popular contemporary designs incorporates timber, glass and stainless steel. In particular a sleek glass balustrade design creates the appearance of space within a property by allowing natural light to permeate throughout.

Another reason the design is so appealing is because the cantilevered treads are also open to exchange, allowing for a completely new look in future years to blend with modern interior styles.

Are you interested in finding out more about the Cantilever staircase? Contact one of our technical sales team for more information, please email canal@canalengineering.co.uk

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