What are the parts of a staircase called (staircase terminology)

What are the parts of a staircase called (staircase terminology)

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Staircases come in many different shapes, styles and sizes; however, the parts of the staircase are normally universal for each staircase. Each component has its own function whether it be an aesthetic design feature or important safety element each different part of a staircase has its own important role.

When you are designing a staircase it can be confusing hearing the different compartment names and understanding how they all fit together to make your ideal staircase, the guide below gives some insight into the role each part of the staircase plays.


Staircase terminology


A baluster also referred to as a spindle, when multiplied they are called a balustrade. A baluster is a vertical rod that acts between the handrailing and bottom of the staircase. We often a range of materials that can be used in our bespoke balustrades.


A bannister is the long support beam that runs alongside the staircase, we offer a range of different materials and handrails design to create the ideal staircase.

Curtail Step

A curtail step is a step at the bottom of the staircase. Often widened at one or both ends.

Inner String

The inner string is the side of the staircase that is set against a wall.


The landing of a staircase is either a platform where the direction of the staircase changes or is located at the top of a staircase.

Outer String

The outer string is the side of a staircase where the treads and risers can be seen from the side.


A riser is a vertical board that forms the face of a step.


Staircase nosing is a horizontal edge of a step often used where the most foot traffic occurs. These are often used in commercial settings to improve the safety of a staircase.

A stair tread is the horizontal part of the set of stairs that the user walks on.

At Canal, we specialise in bespoke staircases for commercial and domestic clients. Our design team can advise and work with you to find the perfect materials and style to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke staircase ideas.

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