What are open riser staircases?

What are open riser staircases?

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One of the most modern staircase trends to emerge in recent years is the concept of open-riser stairs. Full-length staircases omitting the space between the treads – an entirely stylistic choice based on the designers’ personal preference – are rapidly becoming a favourite in new build homes.

So which home types suit open riser staircases?

Whilst an open riser staircase can be a beautiful addition to every home, there are certainly some spaces that can really benefit from the design. Open risers naturally encourage light and air to flow throughout the room, without the blocky staircase design hiding windows or lamps. This means that open-plan homes or those with large windows can be complemented nicely by the free-flowing open rise design.

Open plan homes can also be a nice pairing for open riser staircases for visibility purposes – particularly for those with families. Being able to have easier visual access to the upper levels of your home, or to keep an eye on children or pets on the other side of the room is a great advantage to a more minimalist staircase.


Would they work in a smaller home?

With their open design naturally letting in more light into a room, open riser staircases can actually help to make smaller homes look larger and brighter. The simple structure of the open riser makes the staircase appear smaller, by contrast, and compact – drawing attention away from the stairs and into the rest of your home.

In terms of space saving, this unique design also provides a modern option for under-stair storage, whilst still keeping its aesthetic appeal.



Can they be customised to suit my interior style?

Absolutely! Choosing an open riser staircase is a great way to experiment with a big range of materials – from glass and iron to wood and steel. As they take up so little retail space in the home, their colour and design can be matched perfectly to your home, helping it to subtly blend in.

Plus, many of these staircases are often personalised with decorating handrails, spotlights and patterns – creating a feature piece that can accentuate your interior style.

Open riser staircases are a simple yet modern twist on the traditional design and can make a great addition to an elegant home. From spiral styles to minimalist structures, their customisable features make them a favourite for homeowners and designers alike.

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