What are balustrades?

What are balustrades?

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What is a balustrade?

Balustrades are rows of small columns below a railing commonly used for staircases and balconies. Historically they play a common part in architecture featuring most predominately being revived during the Italian Renaissance period.  Traditionally made from stone, in the modern age balustrades can be made from laser cut metals, glass or stainless steel giving you design freedom.

Bespoke Balustrades

Why they are used?

Balustrades are both a design and a safety feature. They do offer additional support for handrails and railings. The range of materials that can be used for the structural columns means they also become a big design feature for a range of different building projects such as mezzanine floor edges, bridges, balconies, walkways and atriums.

Different types of Canal offer

Laser Cut Balustrades – Laser cut balustrades allow you the most creative freedom in design. Canal can fabricate any pattern into the balustrades, alongside traditional patterns to suit the decor of your property.

exterior mild steel pattern laser cut balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrades – Frameless glass balustrades offer the unique benefit of allowing natural light to flow throughout any property. Canal manufacture each glass balustrade panel from structural laminated glass to allow us to keep the glass thickness down to a minimum.

Stainless Steel Balustrades – Stainless Steel Balustrades have become one of the most popular types of balustrades to use in homes. They offer a sense of luxury interior decor alongside being easy to maintain and requiring minimal cleaning.

Glass Balustrades – Using glass as the main material in a balustrade offers the chance for the most natural light to flow through a property. This gives the illusion of more space throughout a property, alongside being easy to clean and having a long life-span making glass a good choice for all property owners.

How they are used to improve the look of a staircase

Balustrades improve the look of a staircase by allowing you to add your own personal style to the staircase. Alongside being a great safety feature the range of materials Canal can use to fabricate a balustrade means you are guaranteed to work with us to find a style that suits your property.

Contact Canal today to discuss how we can help you design and fabricate your dream staircase.

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