Top staircase trends 2021

Top staircase trends 2021

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The 2021 staircase trends offer all the inspiration needed to reinvent your staircase design. Over the past year, homeowners, architects and designers have placed growing importance on bespoke, sustainable and elegant staircase design trends. The combination of classic and modern features, mixing styles and finishes into the staircase design is emerging in 2021. Neutral based tones on staircases suit any interior style and blend perfectly with the wellness style designs due to explode in popularity.

These are the top emerging trends for the year ahead:

Exposed metal

The great outdoors has become a source of inspiration for architects in 2020 and this is set to continue throughout next year. There has been a huge surge in the design world for staircases that connect the indoor space with the outside world. The stripped back, industrial finishes of raw steel has risen in popularity with homeowners and designers. This finish is a crowd pleaser, appealing to anyone who loves their interior space but wants to inject character and texture into their staircase design.

The feature balustrade

The balustrade is the barrier to protect the open edge of the staircase or stair void. Homeowners are using balustrades to bring their own unique expression and style to the staircase.

One trend proving particularly popular with the homeowners is the flat bar spindles as featured on our Stroud Green project. The contemporary antique bronze staircase featured simple, monochromatic lines for a sleek and modern twist.

Light flow

Adding glass into a staircase or balustrade can help accentuate the most beautiful features of your space, illuminating the luxurious feel of texture in your staircase design. The translucent, glass stairs are a gleaming architectural gem, making your space look bright and open.  A glass staircase is also a great option to allow natural light flow to permeate throughout your property.

A great example of this is the Stables feature staircase installed at a residential property in Kent. There were extensive amounts of glass incorporated in the design to add an unobstructed and visual look in the property.

Cantilever floating staircases

This stylish staircase trend looks to remain popular in 2021, the cantilever staircase is a uniquely intelligent piece of architecture and engineering.  For the homeowner whose tastes are sharply on-trend and modern this particular design, with its tasteful lines and floating style, is a staple for the new year. The beauty of the design as a concept, however, lies in its ability to curve and twist around any space in the house – from a half turn around the wall, to a seamless quarter-turn for bespoke design. Crafted from a wide range of natural materials, the cantilever style adds a contemporary twist to any property design.

As the centrepiece of your home and the passageway to another level of your interior, the staircase is a beautiful and elegant structure, If you would like more information on staircase designs please email

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