The Advantages of Using Glass In A Staircase

The Advantages of Using Glass In A Staircase

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Choosing the material for your staircase can be a tough decision. The right choice can help to accentuate the most beautiful features of your space, illuminating the luxurious feel and texture of the staircase and enhancing the interior style you so carefully designed.
The wrong choice can make your space feel claustrophobic, small and uncomfortable, hiding all of the best features and casting a shadow on an otherwise elegant decor.

With so many textures, colours and styles to choose from, it can often be an overwhelming process trying to pick the perfect one…so why not let us help you decide? We choose glass!

What are the benefits of using glass in a staircase?

A stunning glass staircase in your home, office or building is a truly iconic centrepiece, and certainly a talking point for guests and visitors. Naturally shiny and reflective, glass stairs are a gleaming architectural gem, making your space feel polished and clean without you having to lift a finger.

Speaking of cleaning, glass is one of the easiest materials to maintain, as unlike wood, it doesn’t require staining, painting or varnishing to keep it looking good. A simple wipe down can help to keep your glass staircase sparkling, making it a great addition to a busy or time-short household.

The upkeep of your staircase is also minimal, with the reinforced glass lasting longer and being stronger than alternative materials. As it doesn’t scratch, chip or dent easily, it’s one of the most durable options on the market for central staircases.

A glass staircase is also a great option for smaller spaces as the transparent steps naturally let in more light, making your rooms appear bigger and taller. They can open up your space to the morning sunlight, and gently reflect sunsets into your room, allowing the space to feel airy and breathable without opening windows or doors.


What if it doesn’t match my existing style?

One of the most favourable features of a glass staircase is its colourless form, keeping it from clashing with any other colours or patterns in the room. Where wood or steel are rich in colour and texture, glass simply reflects your style and opens up more light to illuminate it better.

There isn’t a colour palette out there that doesn’t go with glass, meaning that no matter your dream design style, your staircase won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

However, if you choose to incorporate your staircase as a feature piece, there are so many design styles that can compliment a glass structure. A modern, trendy choice, you have the opportunity to play around with a big range of colours and styles, without worrying about any clashing shades.

Glass staircases are set to be one of the most popular interior design trends of 2020, so why not get ahead of the crowd and pick yours today?

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