Staircase Trends 2022

Staircase Trends 2022

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The evolving pandemic and advances in sustainability has shifted the way architectural design is perceived in 2022. There is an ever-growing appreciation of craftmanship as well as a trend towards the mixing of styles, finishes and unique features in staircase design. The use of visually personalised features with sustainable finishes are rising in popularity in the design world.

Also, we’re seeing an upward trend towards metal staircase specifications in residential and commercial properties; metal structures are strong, durable and built to last. A big shift towards sustainability and climate concerns over the past year means metal structures are becoming the increasingly preferred choice. The material is highly functional, resistant to temperature changes and a worthwhile long-term investment.

We’re also beginning to see the following staircase trends in 2022:

Exposed metal finishes

Bringing the great outdoors and natural finishes into an interior setting was a huge inspiration for architects in 2021. The stripped back, industrial finishes of raw steel is rising in popularity with designers; the idea of injecting character and textures into staircase design.

Raw hot rolled steel with a natural beeswax finish is a popular finish, the heat caramelises the wax and produces a rich black bronzed colour on the surface of the metal.

Laser cut balustrades

The balustrade is the barrier that protects the open edge of the staircase or stair void. Many homeowners are using balustrades to bring their own unique expression and style to a staircase design. One trend proving particularly popular with homeowners is the flat bar spindles that feature on the Stroud Green project. The contemporary antique bronze staircase features simple, monochromatic lines for a sleek and modern twist. Another great example is the Regents Crescent sweeping staircase design, every balustrade spindle on the helical staircase is unique in design to create fluidity and movement in the installation.

(Pictured Westburn, laser cut balustrades)

Timber treads

In the light of sustainability, there is a delicate aesthetic towards more natural materials in architectural design. Architects have been actively incorporating the natural world into design by using timber elements in structures. The idea of pairing timber treads with metalwork staircase structures are certainly becoming an increasingly popular option; particularly oak and sapele timber for a classic appearance.

(Pictured High Peak, curved cantilever with timber treads)

Staircase designs:

Helical staircase

Helical staircases are fabricated to appear curved, and their structure is a  similar shape to a DNA molecule; in which two strands twist around each other. The design of the structure means you’re led from one level to the next through circular rotation but without the constraints of a traditional spiral staircase. The curved nature of the helical staircase structure means the design is right on trend with its graceful flowing arc.

(Pictured Mayfair Park; Helical Design)

Cantilever floating staircases

This stylish staircase trend looks to remain popular in 2022, the cantilever design is a uniquely intelligent piece of architecture and engineering. For the client whose tastes are sharply on-trend, this staircase features tasteful lines for a unique floating design. The structure can be crafted from a wide range of natural materials, the cantilever style adds a contemporary twist to any design.

(Pictured Fulham Road; Cantilever Design)

At Canal our greatest strength lies in turning your design brief into reality and we have supplied unique metalwork solutions to some of the UK’s most prestigious residential and commercial projects. If you would like to discuss your latest architectural metalwork staircase design then please email for more information or head over to our website to chat directly to one of our technical advisors.

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