Staircase Decorating Ideas

Staircase Decorating Ideas

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As the focal point of many a home, your staircase deserves to be a centrepiece of your interior style. Representing your personality, your family and your sanctuary, the staircase is the piece of architecture that brings you into the world in the morning and carries you up to bed at night.

But this can mean that decorating it is a big decision and can be a confusing process to go through. Do you opt for wooden panels, strong metal, traditional wrought iron or glittering glass? We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for decorating your internal staircase:

Artwork and Photographs

A classic staple of most homes, artwork and family photos are a key part of decorating a staircase. Having family photographs lining your staircase walls can be a great reminder of some of the happy times your family have spent together, and share your pride at being part of it. Hanging motivational prints can also be a great inspiration platform along your staircase as for many people, that morning trek downstairs before work can be pretty painful. Boosting your mood with some great prints and typography can instantly make your morning better!

Quirky Architectural Details

If you’re choosing your staircase design for the first time, why not experiment with different architectural details. Installing a striking handrail of steel or floating steps can give a new dimension of light and space within your home, modernising it and making your design choices feel entirely intentional. Different textures can also add dramatic style to your staircase, from eclectic materials to interesting patterned wood.



Why not utilise your staircase as a mood-setting device in your home through your design? Adding in soft yellow lights under the handrail or between the steps can create a warm cosy feel in the evenings, making your home appear snug and welcoming. Colour-changing LED bulbs could also help to create more of an artistic or creative look, a touch that both children would love but would also come in handy for parties.

Bespoke Glass effect Staircase


In a true Scandinavian style, lining your staircase with tall leafy greens is a popular design touch right now. Selecting a minimalist vase and a couple of your favourite plants, to place carefully on one of your stairway platforms makes your home feel modern and stylish. It also helps to make staircases feel lighter and brighter, adding a small element of movement to a static piece. Flowers and blooms can also be a pretty floral addition to a staircase, bring more of a homely vibe to your interiors.

Decorating your staircase can be a fun and exciting project, and one that you can really invest some time into. Why not try and explore something new for your next staircase, and find a new style for your home?

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