Staircase balustrade trends for 2019

Staircase balustrade trends for 2019

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Balustrades are one of the most important features of a staircase. Not only do balustrades act as a key safety component they also offer an opportunity for a homeowner to add a unique look to their staircase.

Bespoke balustrades are becoming increasingly popular with each passing year as homeowners and interior designers are using the different styles of balustrades available as a way to create add an element of individuality to a property.

This will be no different in 2019 as key materials such as; glass, metal and wood are set to be used in unique ways to create eye-catching designs.

Bespoke handrails balustrade

Using glass to enhance natural and artificial lights

One of the main materials set to feature on staircase balustrades in 2019 is glass. Glass balustrades have become a modern home-owners dream, not only does glass allow for natural light to shine throughout the property it also has an abundance practical features as well.

If your staircases are placed in an area of the property where natural light doesn’t flow. A new sophisticated trend in staircases is using glass balustrades alongside artificial lights which can reflect the light across the room giving the illusion of more space in a property.

Glass has become one of the favourite materials for modern homeowners due to its hassle-free attributes. Glass is very moisture friendly not only does this make it easy to clean it also allows for a long lifespan.

Bespoke light effect staircase

Mixing Metals

Metal balustrades alone are not a new or unique factor of a staircase for 2019; however, the practice of mixing different metals together to create an elegant looking balustrade is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

One key tip is to ensure the colours of the metals used in the balustrade are the same; however, the balustrade can be a contrasting colour to the other metal decor you have on the staircase such as the handrail.

Alongside mixing metals the mixing of textures can also be used to create distinctiveness in your balustrade design combining matte and polish textures can create a visually pleasing look to your staircase.

Bespoke Metal Staircase

Laser Cut Balustrades

If you want to add your own personal touch to your staircase, laser cut balustrades will be your finest companion.

Individuality is always at the forefront of a house owners mind when planning any renovation work. Laser cut balustrades will become a big trend in 2019 because of this.

A laser cut design allows your imagination to run wild. From creating a subtle pattern such as adding your favourite leaves to a making a substantial personal statement such as adding your family crest to your staircase, anything is possible. Laser cut balustrades can make your staircase the focal point of any room.

All of these different balustrade styles can be incorporated into any home. Whether you are looking for your staircase to be a grand centrepiece of your property or create a functional living space a bespoke balustrade is the ideal feature. Allowing you to add your own personal element into your property while being both an ergonomic and attractive design feature of your staircase.

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