How to Create Space with Your Staircase

How to Create Space with Your Staircase

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A space saving staircase doesn’t just have to be about functionality – it can about design too. The right design can completely change the way you view your home.

The conventional staircase fabricated from timber and covered in carpet is a common design often found in residential homes, despite the fact it consumes a lot of light and space. By limiting the light flow within your home, conventional stairs create the illusion of a smaller spaces.


Often in property design a staircase is overlooked. Many do not realise the impact a well-designed staircase can have on the interior of a property.

A staircase shouldn’t be something you feel stuck with; today there are a variety of designs and styles that can modernise and open up your home.


Create a Space Saving Staircase with Light: Open Riser Staircase Design

An open riser staircase design is the first step towards creating the illusion of more space. In particular, a cantilever staircase design, also known as a floating staircase, can drastically open up your home with its open riser pattern and contemporary design options.

The space between each step, which is anchored into the structure of the wall, is deep enough to allow light to flow throughout the staircase but small enough to meet the necessary building regulations.


In comparison to a straight conventional staircase, the open riser design creates a spacious feeling within the home, where as a closed riser design would block out any light travelling from one side of the stair to the other.

Combining the open space with the right materials to match your interior décor takes your staircase design to the next level. The use of glass for a frameless balustrade or even the steps themselves, adds a contemporary elegance to your home and dramatically increases the flow of natural and unnatural light.


Creating Floor Space with A Space Saving Spiral Staircase

A space saving spiral staircase can increase the amount of floor space compared to a straight or helical staircase.

Often there are limited places to install a conventional staircase within a home due to the amount of space it requires. Therefore we usually find them by the entrance or in the hallway of a property.

Spiral stairs have the versatility to fit into most rooms within a home due to their compact radius and functional central column structure.


Not only can a spiral staircase be visually compelling but it can also add a sense of mystery in your home. We often relate a spiral staircase with a secret passageway, dungeon or access way to a tower in a castle.

Taking this idea of mystery and putting it within a home evokes the feeling of curiosity. By not visually seeing what the stair is leading to until climbed, creates an intrinsic feeling that takes us back to our childhood.

In addition, the choice of materials for a spiral staircase can enhance an interior by complementing certain building features or by being the focal feature itself. Some of the materials a spiral stair can be fabricated from are;

  •  Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Timber
  • Leather

Need Help Creating Your Space Saving Staircase?

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