Villaise spiral staircase
Stair Materials:
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Hidden Mild Steel
Balustrade Materials:
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

Helical Steel Staircase & Interior Sculpture

In Jersey, Canal completed a helical staircase built within the inside of a turret for the project Villaise.  The seamless high quality finish involved the outer stringer semi fixed to the circular wall. The installation team then plaster the existing wall to hide any steel work make the helical stair look effortlessly placed.

The inner stringer is a helical stainless steel box section; ribbon fabricated using individual plates.

Canal then laser cut each plate section before welding them together as well as mirror polishing them before installation.

For added impact and artistic effect, the helical ribbon continues past the top of the stair, passing through a cut-out in the acrylic balustrade panel and then tapers to a point creating a sculptural piece of mirror polished stainless steel art.

You really need to see this stunning staircase creation to fully appreciate its form as a work of art.

Canal offer a wide range of styles for helical staircases, we will work with you to turn your concept into a reality. In addition helical staircases create bold and dramatic entrances within and residential or commercial environment. There are a wide range of materials to choose from to create your own one of custom design.

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