Bespoke Juliet Balconies
Stair Materials:
Hidden Mild Steel, Timber
Balustrade Materials:
Glass, Stainless Steel Fixings
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel
Balcony Materials:
Glass, Stainless Steel

Interior Cantilever Staircase

The cantilever floating stair design is adaptable for many environments.

The hidden metalwork within the wall achieves the seamless floating effect of the staircase. Canal have the experience of constructing metalwork frames in several ways depending upon the build and structure of a property wall.

The first fix involved embedding a structural steel stringer into the wall with protruding as well as welding cantilever steel channels.

Next, Canal plaster the supporting walls to completely hide the steel stringer; achieving a seamless floating illusion. Then the installation team sleeve beautiful timber treads over the steel cantilever channels.

Stainless steel boss fixings add the luxurious finishing touch to the glass balustrade panels to the treads. In addition, a satin polished tubular handrail perfectly complements the intricate steel features.

Exterior Balcony

The glass balustrade balcony on this house follows on from the interior balustrade.

A Juliet balcony was created with a glass balustrade panel affixed to the timber cladding of the house exterior using stainless steel bosses. To complement the panels satin polished stainless steel handrails where then installed.

With its simple structure and not interrupting any brickwork, as a result this Juliet balcony stands seamlessly on the side of the house.

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