Republic contemporary staircase
Republic contemporary stairs
Republic curved staircase
Republic feature staircase
Republic feature stairs
Republic glass balustrade
Republic glass stair panels
Republic glass steel staircases
Republic handrail stainless steel
Republic metal stairs
Republic modern staircases
Republic modern stairs
Republic spiral metal stairs
Republic spiral staircase
Republic spiral stairs
Republic stainless steel glass balustrade
Stair Materials:
Mild Steel, Site Spray, Timber
Balustrade Materials:
Glass, Stainless Steel
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

The Canal team relish the challenge to produce a large bespoke spiral staircase; 4.5 metres in diameter, 12 metres tall, serving three floors complete with low iron glass.

This staircase is the stunning centre piece of the new flagship store for Republic in their home city of Leeds.

The manufacturing methods required to produce such a large staircase; together with the very tight tolerances, were very demanding.

The layout of the staircase requires each tread to precisely line up with the one below. This enables the full height balusters fit in a perfect vertical position.

The staircase spans from the basement to the first floor with vertical glass balustrade panels individually fit to each tread. In addition a the balustrade complements a satin polished stainless steel tube handrail.

Canal hand crafted the spiral handrail within the Nottingham workshop using a tube bender and a part-assembled stair structure as a template.

The pre-assembled staircase parts in the workshop ensured that the installation onsite in Leeds was relatively easy.

Watch The Project From Concept To Completion

Timber treads and landings alongside anti-slip inserts add the perfect finishing touch to the large bespoke spiral staircase. In addition Canal paint the underside and central column so the store can add their own personalised messages.

Complementing the staircase, the surrounding landing balustrade on the ground and first floor, was fitted with low iron glass as well as a matching stainless steel finish, folded top plate.

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