Queens Medical Centre

Stair Materials:
Powder Coated Mild Steel, Timber
Balustrade Materials:
Glass, Powder Coated Mild Steel
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

Within this impressive atrium, the Canal team fabricated a bespoke straight staircase and a ‘piggy-back’ style freestanding stair.

In Canal’s Nottingham working, the fabrication team began the fabrication of the mild steel structure. During the manufacture Canal made underside of the stair fully enclosed to follow with a powder coat finish. One the staircase is ready for installation, Canal can then add the finishing touches on site.

Concrete treads and light timber hardwood landings seamlessly match the existing flooring finish enhancing a light design approach to create a friendly atmosphere.

In addition, Canal fabricated and installed 150 metres of contemporary balustrade. The 10mm thick double profiled fin design gives this balustrade its distinctive look.

There are a wide range of straight commercial staircase designs available. Canal will accommodate to any industries specification needs or regulations, especially with high hygiene standards.

Each staircase design has a wide choice of materials to choose from to create your own one off custom designs. Throughout your entire journey, Canal will work with you as well as your architect through initial design ideas to fabrication and installation.

A straight staircase design come in a range of styles including:

  • Cantilever Floating Staircase Design
  • Folded Staircase Design
  • Central Spine Staircase Design

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