Pipins cantilever glass timber steel staircase
Pipins cantilever staircase
Pipins cantilever timber split staircase
Pipins floating cantilever staircase
Pipins glass balustrade
Pipins stainless steel handrail
Stair Materials:
Hidden Mild Steel, Oak Timber, Stainless Steel Fixings
Balustrade Materials:
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

The Pipins cantilever stair is adaptable for many environments.

The secret to this staircase’s success is in hidden cantilever metalwork. The first fix involved embedding a structural steel stringer into the wall with protruding, welded cantilever steel channels.

Canal’s installation team firstly sandwich the structural stringer to the supporting wall. Canal the plaster the structural wall to completely hide the steel work, creating a seamless floating illusion. Beautiful timber box treads then sleeve over the steel cantilever channels bringing the staircase to life.

Stainless steel box fixings create a luxurious feature of the glass balustrade panels as well as the treads. In addition a complementary satin polished handrail complements the intricate steel details within the stair adding the perfect finishing touch.

Cantilever staircases completely transform the standard traditional staircase as well as enhancing a vision of open space. A floating staircase design can come in a wide range of style to suit any residential or commercial decor.

The Canal Architectural Team will work with you and you architect to ensure your bespoke staircase is produced to the highest quality. Throughout each stage of the design process as well as the manufacturing stage Canal will ensure to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

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