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Helical Staircases
Bespoke Terrace Balustrades
Bespoke Terrace Balustrades
Bespoke Terrace Balustrades
Helical Staircase Materials:
Stainless Steel, Glass, LED Lighting
Spiral Staircase Materials:
Stainless Steel, Stone, Glass
Terrace Balustrade Materials:
Stainless Steel, Glass, Sandblasted Glass

Interior Helical Glass Staircase

Canal has recently helped complete the interior of a stunning home in Cheltenham with a bespoke feature helical glass staircase.

Canal fabricated the bespoke helical staircase metalwork and curved handrail at their manufacturing site in Nottingham, UK. Forming clean lines and a curved shape, the first floor landing fully supports that stair structure.

In fabrication team cut special sections to form a place to include ambient LED lighting. The lighting can change to any colour to suit any preference or mood all year round.

In addition each glass tread includes stainless steel fixings that incorporates brushed stainless steel riser bars. Each tread has a sand blasted finish to increase safety as well as adding a sense of style and luxury.

Once installed onsite, the ambient LED lighting illuminated across each tread by hidden sensors fitted beside the stair.

A curved glass balustrade carries onto the first flooring using glass balustrade panels complimenting the modern look of the whole house.

Exterior Spiral Staircase and Terrace Balustrade

Canal has completed an exterior spiral staircase for a home in Cheltenham to access the first floor terrace.

Canal fabricated the initial stainless steel folded structure and centre column at their manufacturing site in Nottingham, UK. Supported by the centre column, the Spiral plate staircase has stone treads to complement the stone flooring of the terrace.

The installation team affixes the glass balustrade onto the stainless steel staircase to also match the terrace balustrade.

Canal then completed the spiral staircase with a stainless steel balustrade capping and curved side fixed handrail that climbs the central column.

On the front length of the terrace, the low iron glass balustrade also matches the balustrading of the exterior spiral staircase to experience the garden views.

Down the side of the terrace a frosted glass balustrade was installed to allow privacy to people on the terrace and also to people in the secret side garden below creating multiple private locations around the home to entertain family and friends.

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