Montague contemporary cantilever staircase
Montague contemporary floating staircase
Montague contemporary glass balustrade
Montague floating staircase
Montague glass balustrade
Montague glass stainless steel staircase
Montague stainless steel glass balustrade
Richmond, London
Stair Materials:
Hidden Mild Steel, Walnut Timber
Balustrade Materials:
Frameless Glass, Stainless Steel Fixings
Handrail Materials:
Satin Polished Stainless Steel

Canal Architectural installed another elegant and contemporary cantilever staircase for a new modern home in Richmond.

The secret to this contemporary staircase’s success is in the hidden metalwork that Canal manufacture and install seamlessly.

The first fix involved mechanically fixing a structural steel stringer to the wall with protruding, welded cantilever steel channels.

Next, Canal completely hide the stringer by plastering the structural wall creating a seamless floating illusion. In addition, beautiful walnut box treads sleeve over the steel cantilever channels bringing the staircase to life. Canal carefully choose the tread material to ensure a seamless match with the existing flooring finish.

The installation team then install a 15mm low iron glass balustrade onto the side of the channels using stainless steel nose fixings. The intricate stainless steel features within the staircase compliment the surrounding decor whilst adding a touch of luxury.

The contemporary staircase was finished with a satin polished, stainless steel, 42mm slotted handrail to compliment the pig nose fixings and provide the modern look the client was asking for.

Canal install a wide range of open riser staircase styles to suit any residential or commercial interior. There are many benefits of an open riser staircase, in particular they increase the natural light flow though out any room, enhancing the essence of space.

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