Flint Mill

Flint stainless steel spine staircase
Flint led glass tread staircase
Flint glass staircase
Flint glass balustrade
Flint cracked glass staircase
Flint contemporary staircase
Stair Materials:
Mild Steel, Italian Cracked Glass, Stainless Steel, LED Lighting
Balustrade Materials:
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

This unique glass central spine staircase became an eye catching feature within this residential property based in Yorkshire. A single central box-section stringer allows the staircase to become an eye catching stand-alone feature.

In Nottingham, Canal fabricate the Central box section by rolling and fully welding a laser cut mild steel plate. This process not only gives rigidity to the staircase but also provides housing for all cables for the LED lighting.

In addition, each treads contains broken Italian glass within the stainless steel framework creating a glistening effect. The Canal team then install radius glass infills to finish the glass central spine staircase.

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