Stair Materials:
Hidden Mild Steel, Timber,
Balustrade Materials:
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel, Leather
Guide Price Per Flight:

The Brickfield cantilever straight staircase is adaptable for many environments.

The hidden metalwork within the wall achieves the seamless floating effect. The first fix involves embedding a structural steel stringer into the wall with protruding, welded cantilever steel channels. Next, the stringer is sandwiched behind a supporting wall and plastered to completely hide the stringer to achieve a seamless floating effect.

Custom made timber box treads then cover the protruding steel cantilever channels which start to bring the staircase concept to reality.

A 15mm glass balustrade with the open riser staircase increases the natural light throughout the room and enhances the original space. The full height windows combined with these staircase elements creates a beautifully lit focal feature in this residential home.

In addition a steel handrail perfectly slots on to of the balustrade with no visible fixings. Next, Canal wrap the handrail in luxurious leather to then hand stitch the material around the steel. The rich chocolate brown leather provides a smooth contrast with the beautiful timber treads.

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To complete the top landing for the indoor balcony, Canal installed further glass balustrade panels for the final touch.

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