Bonhams: Customised Helical Staircase
Bonhams glass balustrade
Bonhams metal curved stairs
Bonhams metal staircase
Bonhams metal steel staircase
Bonhams spiral staircase
Bonhams straight metal stairs
Bonhams timber clad staircase
Bonhams: Customised Helical Staircase Manufacturing
Bonhams: Customised Helical Staircase Manufacturing
Stair Materials:
Mild Steel, Timber Cladding
Balustrade Materials:
Glass, Site Spray Mild Steel, Timber
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

As part of a full refurbishment of Bonhams Auction house in London. Canal collaborated with the architect to manufacture and install multiple straight mild steel staircases and customised helical staircase.

The initial designs were constructed by Canal Architectural’s drawing team using a state of the art 3D visualization programme.  The 3D visuals allow’s the client to see the structure and composition of the multiple bespoke staircases. Canal first of all started of with creating the perfect curved balustrade and tread pattern.

Watch Canal Architectural Rendering in 3D

In the workshop the Canal fabrication team begin to manufacture the 12mm mild steel plate for the main structure. The stringers of the stair then have a black powder coat finish to create a striking contrast with the timber cladding.

In addition, other subcontractors involved in the project installed the timber cladding. The Canal team adds finishing touch by adding satin polished, stainless steel handrails.

The chosen style continued throughout the building as well as glass balustrade panels on each floor for a contemporary contrast. To complete the staircase, each frame less balustrade panel has a subtle stainless steel top plate.

As a result the Bonhams Projects has gone on to receive the 2014 American Institute of Architects (UK) Design Excellence Award.

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