Gatwick structural glass balustrade
Gatwick contemporary balustrade
Gatwick glass balustrade
Gatwick stainless steel glass balustrade
Gatwick stainless steel handrail
Architect / Designer:
Capita Architecture
Balustrade Materials:
Powder Coated Mild Steel, Glass
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel

Canal often fabricate bespoke architectural metalwork incorporating glass on a large scale for commercial projects.

Supplying 500 metres of contemporary balustrades throughout the terminal using 20mm mild steel balusters and laminated glass. Statin polished hand and trolley rails finish the balustrading as well as increasing safety for customers.

The simple, clean contemporary design breaks up the industrial airport ambience by de-cluttering and allowing engagement with the surrounding greenery: The balustrade also meets all important control and security requirements and makes a modern entrance.

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