Architect / Designer:
Butterworth Associates
Stair Materials:
Stainless Steel & Stone
Balustrade Materials:
Glass & Stainless Steel Frame
Handrail Materials:
Stainless Steel
Canopy Materials:
316 Stainless Steel

Canal tendered against both British and American metalwork companies for this prestigious helical staircase project in Bermuda.

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They were successful in securing the contract by not only offering a competitive price but more importantly due to their pro-active attitude in developing the Architects’ concept designs.

Securing a contract for a 5m diameter, 4m rise, helical staircase and an external feature canopy for the tallest commercial building on Bermuda was quite a feat; building and installing it was quite another.

For the helical staircase, the architect’s specification was challenging; other than fixing points at the bottom and top, there was to be no additional structural support.

Once installed there was to be no movement or deflection in the staircase.

After the approval of the structural drawings, the Canal team began fabrication at their Nottingham manufacturing facility. Before shipping to Bermuda, the team tests the staircase for movement before dismantling it.

On site, the Canal team had no time to enjoy the Bermudan sun.

Piece by piece they reconstructed the feature staircase and welded it all in place to create the seamless masterpiece.

On the outside, the 35 metre high building is rebated in the front right corner to accept the stainless steel canopy

The main structure and the lower canopy was all fabricated from grade 316 stainless steel.

During the project Canal also fabricated the main entrance doors inclusive of the logo glass window.

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