Straight Staircases

Although straight staircases are the most common type of staircase, Canal works hard to ensure that each staircase is far from ordinary. The fabrication team achieves their unique staircases through innovative engineering and high-quality materials. Canal continually develop new ways of constructing straight staircases reflecting different design philosophies and fashions as well as new trends.

Over the last few years, Canal have been recognised for many straight staircase designs including;

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Straight staircases may be the most common type of staircase; however, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a unique feature of a property. Straight staircases are any stairs that are built in line – either one straight set of stairs or staircases that include right angle turns – making them incredibly versatile and popular.

The projects below will highlight how a straight staircase can be designed and manufactured to be a feature of any room. Straight staircases can be tailored to your needs with bespoke handrails and balustrades they can become an interior feature of any residential or commercial property.

All our bespoke straight staircases are manufactured at Canal Engineering headquarters in Nottingham.

“Canal are intrinsically involved in the design from the beginning of every project, and provide invaluable advice in respect of the design, specification and engineering. We are yet to be let down in terms of quality, aesthetics or programme and would not hesitate to work with them again, or to recommend them as a contractor.”

Josie Britton

Pre Contracts Manager, Modus Group

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