Split Staircases

A split landing staircase is a bold design feature that looks incredibly sharp and modern, complete with a traditional twist. The stairs can be easily adapted into a variety of forms to suit a range of spaces.

Split level stairs look grand and elegant; they’re a fantastic way to make a big statement. We create everything bespoke and install our split landing staircases into a broad spectrum of premises – in both commercial and domestic spaces.

  • Bespoke Split Staircase Designs

  • Manufacture and Installation

  • Commercial and Residential Environments

Split staircases can complement a range of aesthetic styles from anything minimalist and chic to something dramatic and deluxe, depending on your choice of material and design shape. This makes them a really versatile choice for your space.

Two-way split staircases can be crafted from a variety of materials – including steel, glass, and wood, all available in a range of finishes. They can also be incorporated into a variety of design shapes – such as straight, zigzag, cantilever, and helical styles.

Our in-house team of designers and fabricators use the latest technology to create our split-level stairs. We tailor the entire process from planning to installation to perfectly suit your needs, delivering something beautiful, functional, and built to last.

We often prebuild the split staircases at our Nottingham workshop where they are inspected and approved before being dismantled, transported, and set up by our experienced and dedicated team of staircase installers.

We design bespoke two-way split staircases for both commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. These staircases function particularly well in large retail spaces, where they offer more space for footfall. They also look fantastic in stylish and modern luxury homes and housing complexes.

We are incredibly proud of how these staircases look and function for our customers. They really enhance the aesthetic by opening up the space. Take a closer look at our split staircase projects below.

“Canal are intrinsically involved in the design from the beginning of every project, and provide invaluable advice in respect of the design, specification and engineering. We are yet to be let down in terms of quality, aesthetics or programme and would not hesitate to work with them again, or to recommend them as a contractor.”

Josie Britton

Pre Contracts Manager, Modus Group

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