Open Staircases

Open riser staircases have become increasingly popular and offer a contemporary look to suit any modern interior. Canal makes sure that the open gap between every riser fits in with the necessary building regulations. To increase safety Canal can install steel bars to decrease the amount of open space to ensure safety for toddlers and pets.

  • What are open staircases?

  • Commercial and Residential Environments

  • Bespoke Open Riser Staircase Designs

Open tread staircases allow you to see beyond the staircase and increase the natural light flow through a property. One of the biggest benefits that open tread staircases offer is the increase of natural light flow creating an idea of a larger perception of space, opening up your home. The increase of natural light makes this style of staircases a popular choice with interior designers as it adds a modern look to a house.

The versatility of an open riser staircase design can work with almost any style of staircase such as helicalspiral and straight staircases and is ideal for both commercial and residential environments.

In addition, the choice of materials available to customise an open plan staircase creates endless design possibilities. The open riser staircases can be manufactured with bespoke handrails and balustrades to suit your needs.

Open riser staircases are often the ideal choice for people who want an open plan staircase. Our bespoke manufacturing service can tailor to your personal needs whether this is in a commercial or domestic setting. All our manufacturing takes place at Canal Engineering headquarters in Nottingham.

The projects below will give you some insight into different ways open tread staircases can be used in a property and how different design options can be implemented. The projects will give you some open plan staircase ideas, if you have any further questions the team at canal will happily assist you in discussing your ideas further and how this style of staircase will benefit your needs.

“I chose Canal Engineering because of their ability to precision fabricate and install within a complex and awkward geometry. They were able to provide us with a finish that has a natural patina whilst also being hardwearing, develop mock ups to help us make the right choice of detail and complete the work within a reasonable budget.”

Professor Julian Marsh


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