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We’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing bespoke commercial staircases for over 25 years. In this time, we’ve worked on projects for high profile businesses including Nike and Hugo Boss and we’re extremely proud of the commercial staircases we’ve delivered.

From our bespoke balustrades and handrails to our full staircases – we deliver beautiful bespoke architectural work for commercial spaces. All of our metalwork is fabricated at our manufacturing site so we can ensure the quality of our commercial staircases at every stage of the process.

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We design commercial staircases in a range of forms including straight, spiral, cantilever, and zig zag styles. A staircase is more than just a means of travelling from one floor to another, it’s a fundamental part of the design and aesthetic of the room.

Regardless of the form, the design needs to complement the space – planning for function just as much as style – your staircase must be built to last. This is certainly no exception for commercial staircases where use and footfall tend to be a lot higher than in domestic settings.

We utilise a range of quality materials in our commercial staircase designs, crafting beautiful stainless steel and glass staircases for our clients to help transform their spaces with stylish, functional stairs. Using the latest 3D CAD technology in our designs, we craft and install the highest quality commercial staircases for our clients.

We’ve fabricated and fitted bespoke commercial staircases for businesses across a variety of industries, considering their specific needs throughout the design and installation process. This has included factories and medical centres as well as renowned commercial building complexes including The Shard in London.

“Cutting edge, quality, value for money, clean, friendly, fun to work with and ultimately professional. I would not have anyone else do my work and look forward to the next projects.”

Derek Warwick

President, BRDC

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