Central Spine Staircases

A central spine staircase can be an architectural feature whilst maintaining a light and airy feel. The standalone feature increases natural light flow within any residential or commercial environment. In addition, the extra floor space enhances the size of the room.

  • What are central spine staircases?

  • Bespoke single spine staircase designs

  • Commercial and residential premises

Central spine staircase designs have one single box or circular stringer section underneath the centre of the staircase. Central staircases work as a standalone feature and do not need a supporting wall so the single spine staircase design is a great alternative to a cantilever staircase if you do not have structural support.

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There are a variety of materials such as glass, timber or steel to complement a central spine staircase and suit your design requirements as well as giving it an extra premium finish. Our expert designers craft each single spine staircase to uniquely suit each premises, taking all manufacturing requirements and specifications into account.

Each single spine staircase that we design and manufacture is fabricated at our Nottingham headquarters. There it is fully tested for quality before being shipped to its final home where it is installed by our expert engineers. We have designed an incredible variety of central staircases for a range of environments – from offices, to retailers, to apartment complexes.

“I chose Canal Engineering because of their ability to precision fabricate and install within a complex and awkward geometry. They were able to provide us with a finish that has a natural patina whilst also being hardwearing, develop mock ups to help us make the right choice of detail and complete the work within a reasonable budget.”

Professor Julian Marsh


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