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Leather Handrails

Leather handrails have become increasingly popular as they add a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Canal fabricates a steel handrail which is then clad in leather and hand stitched to achieve an exclusive finish.

Leather handrails are suitable on a wide range of staircases such as helical, straight and spiral. The leather can also come in a range of colours and textures of suit any home décor. Some examples are snakeskin, stingray, crocodile, lizard etc. but all are from cowhide which is a by-product of the food industry. The leather-wrapped handrails are a popular choice for both modern and traditional looking staircases.

Leather Handrail Installation

As with all of our handrails, there is a choice of two fixing options, a face fix with stainless steel or painted mild steel bracket positioned on the inside face of a balustrade. Canal can also mount the handrail on top of the balustrade with no visible fixings.

Canal ensures that all handrail fixings comply with all applicable building regulations.

Our balustrade design service includes:

  • Initial site survey
  • Specification advice
  • Assistance with material choice, dimensions, fabrication, loading and compliance with British Standards (BS6399 and BS6180).

Leather Wrapped Handrails

The projects below will showcase how Canal have previously manufactured bespoke leather handrails for a range of properties in both the commercial and residential world. Feel free to contact our expert team with any questions you may have. All manufacturing takes place at Canal Engineering headquarters in Nottingham.

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