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Helical Staircases

Helical staircases do not have a supporting column and can incorporate a continuous handrail on both sides.

A helical staircase is not always circular, sometimes they can also be elliptical or oval, allowing Canal to create innovative designs.

A helical staircase can often be the most striking especially if the design is a free-standing feature, away from the wall. The helical staircase structural design makes them an excellent choice for any residential or commercial property.

The variety of materials available to compliment helical stairs gives it endless design possibilities. The architectural excellence of a helical staircase gives an elegant but dramatic entrance to any property.

Most curved staircases will feature a handrail on each side, this will give you the opportunity to further personalise your staircase as we can manufacture a range of handrails using a variety of materials.

Canal can accommodate and have experience in manufacturing custom curved staircases for both residential and commercial environments. The projects below will give you an example of how the Helical Staircases structural design makes them the ideal staircase for both residential and commercial properties.

As Helical staircases don’t require a supporting column this type of staircase offers a variety of different design elements that can be tailored to suit your needs, whether for a home, shop or corporate property a helical staircase can add an intriguing focal point to any building.

Bespoke Helical Staircases

Helical staircases are often the choice for those who perfect a curved staircase design in either a commercial or domestic property. All Helical staircase construction and manufacturing takes place at Canal Engineering headquarters in Nottingham.  The projects below will give you an insight into how this style of staircase can suit a range of different interiors.

Every staircase Canal manufacture complies with BS5395: Part 2, 1984 (spiral and helical staircases) and Building Regulations:  Approved Document K.


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