Folded Zig Zag Staircases Folded Zig Zag Staircases Folded Zig Zag Staircases Zig Zag Stairs Folded Zig Zag Staircases

Zig Zag Staircases

The zig zag stairs are simple lines and modern patterns folded staircases designed to be perfectly complemented with any contemporary residential or commercial environment.

The minimalist design of the zig zag staircases increases the sense of space whilst becoming a focal point within a room.

The process begins at Canal’s manufacturing facility in Nottingham to fabricate the zig zag staircase structure. The fabrication team fabricate the zig zag structure from mild steel and then meticulously folds the structure into position.

There are a variety of materials that Canal can incorporate into zig zag staircase design. Timber treads alongside a glass balustrades provide a modern contemporary solution. In addition, you can also leave the mild steel exposed keeping the natural aesthetics of steels.

Zig Zag Staircase Finishes

In addition, there is also a variety of finishes available to suit your specifications to complement your interior decor. To match the surroundings of your property a site spray option is available in any colour of your choice.

An alternative option is a wax finish that enhances the natural beauty of steel as well as creating a modern industrial look. Zig zag staircases are a popular choice for those who like the appeal of contemporary staircases. Feel free to browse our past projects below where you can see how different styles of zig zag staircases can be incorporated into a property.

At Canal we are experienced in manufacturing contemporary staircases using a range of different materials. All of our zig zag staircases are manufactured at our headquarters within Canal Engineering in Nottingham.

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