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Cantilever ‘Floating’ Staircases

The cantilever staircase might sound elaborate, but in theory it is just a flight of stairs running up an inside or outside wall although it is the engineering hidden away that make it look simple.

A cantilever ‘floating’ stair is a beam anchored at only one end allowing the protruding construction to overhang without any external bracing.

Cantilever structures are most commonly found within building structures, towers, bridges and aircraft but the concept can be incorporated into staircase design by applying the same principles.

The simplistic design of the overhanging tread has allowed our designers to create some very striking design concepts.

The floating staircase design and its structurally sound construction is not restricted to a common straight flight as found in most domestic homes. As long as the structure is considered, the versatility of the cantilever stair can be designed in many styles including:

  •  Straight
  • Quarter Turn
  • Half turn
  • Helical
  • Curved

The transformation from a standard stair into one that needs no support underneath or between the treads creates a vision of open space and demonstrates a particular ‘floating’ appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.

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