Large Commercial Canopies

As one of the UK’s expert commercial canopy manufacturers, Canal offer a bespoke fabrication and installation service for commercial metal canopies and bespoke industrial metal awnings.

A well-designed commercial metal canopy can truly enhance an entranceway – both visually and practically. As well as creating a stylish and striking aesthetic for the front of your building, your canopy will provide a welcoming space for visitors, shielded from the rain.

We provide commercial metal canopies for:
• Shopping centres
• Retail parks
• Restaurants and more

  • Expert Commercial Canopy Manufacturers

  • Metal Awnings for Commercial Buildings

We are experienced manufacturers of commercial metal canopies and metal awnings. All of our commercial metal awnings are manufactured at Canal Engineering’s headquarters.

Canal will deliver an eye-catching entrance to meet your exact specifications and requirements, built to the highest standards. We will work with you and your architect from early design and planning all the way through to installation and aftercare.

As a bespoke metal manufacturer and supplier, we are a one-stop shop. We also offer design, fabrication, and installation services for bespoke signage solutions to enhance your company branding.

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Maintenance for large commercial buildings can be inconvenient for daily operations, this is why efficient installation of quality architecture is extremely important for business. One of the main benefits of our metal canopies is that they require little maintenance after installation, but we always provide expert aftercare to ensure each commercial metal canopy designed and installed by us can be enjoyed for years to come.

The projects below will give you some insight into how a commercial metal canopy can add a grand entrance to your business or retail park. Please feel free to contact our expert team to discuss any questions you may have about installing a commercial metal canopy for your premises.

I chose Canal Engineering because of their ability to precision fabricate and install within a complex and awkward geometry. They were able to provide us with a finish that has a natural patina whilst also being hardwearing, develop mock ups to help us make the right choice of detail and complete the work within a reasonable budget.”

Professor Julian Marsh


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