Terrace Balustrades

A terrace is technically not a balcony but it is a common feature to have on a property and provides a similar function, creating additional usable space for your property.

The terrace structure is part of the building and is usually the flat roof of a lower storey, surrounded by a balustrade for safety.

  • Outdoor Balustrade Design

  • External Balustrade Installation

The balustrade itself can be a key design feature, creating a modern feel with glass and stainless steel, or a more traditional look with ornate metal railings.

There are various ways to fix outdoor balustrades to a building to create a safe and secure edge.

Two popular installation methods that we use at Canal are installing balustrade panels into a channel or fixing panels onto the face of the building.

Whatever your requirements, we design, manufacture and install our hung balconies to comply with all necessary building safety regulations.

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