Juliet Balconies

Taking its name from the famous Shakespeare character, a Juliet balcony (or balconette) is a compact balcony that does not protrude from the building. It is usually part of an upper floor, with a balustrade only at the front.

Modern Juliet balconies usually consist of a door or window with a metal or glass balustrade panel placed in front of the opening on the building’s exterior. Other balconette designs may feature ornate railings or a narrow balcony ledge.

  • Benefits of a Bespoke Juliet Balcony

  • Building Safety Regulations

A balconette can dramatically change your room and how it is used, bringing in more light and more air for a relaxing, natural atmosphere. Replacing existing windows with French doors and a balconette will make the room feel larger, brighter and more open.

Balconettes are simple additions, as the railing or balustrade can be attached to the existing wall. They usually do not require major building work or planning permission, making them a low-cost option and an ideal solution for properties where a full balcony is not practical.

We design, manufacture and install our Juliet balconies to comply with all necessary building safety regulations.

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