Cantilevered Balconies

Cantilevered balconies are the most common balcony design found on a property. The method of construction allows the balcony to protrude from the face of the building without any visible supports, giving a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Cantilevered balconies require a great deal of structural accuracy as they will impose larger point loads on a building. Canal is able to survey an existing building or work with a new build design to ensure that the bespoke balcony is structurally sound and will not damage the building in the long term.

As they are only supported at one end, cantilevered balconies will always have a small amount of movement or ‘bounce’ and so are usually made to a maximum depth of 1800mm to minimise this. We make sure that there is an appropriate structure in place within our design to accommodate movement.

Protruding balconies can be made from a variety of different materials, with steel, concrete and timber being some of the most popular. As all of our balconies are bespoke and made to measure, we can accommodate your chosen features into your balcony, making use of glass, steel and bespoke metalwork for a unique design.

We design, manufacture and install our cantilevered balconies to comply with all necessary building safety regulations.

“I chose Canal Engineering because of their ability to precision fabricate and install within a complex and awkward geometry. They were able to provide us with a finish that has a natural patina whilst also being hardwearing, develop mock ups to help us make the right choice of detail and complete the work within a reasonable budget.”

Professor Julian Marsh


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