Bespoke Handrail Designs

Whether part of a feature staircase or simply as a standalone item, handrail systems play an important role both in terms of safety but also aesthetically by making this practical item part of the design concept. Canal ensure bespoke handrails add to the overall design.

Due to building regulations, handrails are normally required on staircases in commercial and domestic properties, unless a structural balustrade is sufficient enough for the loading regulations.

This is also the case when providing edge protection around voids. Because of this, Canal Architectural place great emphasis on handrail design, creating bespoke pieces that add to the overall design rather than diminish them.

On a handrail-only project, Canal begins by conducting an accurate survey in which to base subsequent drawings and structural analysis on.

  • Handrail Fittings and Installation

  • Staircase Handrails

Once a design is approved, handrails are crafted in the chosen material for the project. Canal then offer full installation services through our dedicated specialist teams.

On more extensive projects, requiring additional items such as stairs and balustrade, handrails are considered from the start as an architectural feature in themselves.

Stair handrails can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes and are profiled to fit the unique shapes of our staircases.

Canal can manufacture their bespoke handrails to suit many different styles of staircases including; straight, mitred, wide helical, narrow helical, spiral or other shapes. We have experience in manufacturing bespoke wooden handrails, bespoke metal handrails and bespoke leather handrails.

Canal has their sample of handrails and material library at their London Showroom, located in the thriving district of Clerkenwell (EC1). Alternatively, there is a range of handrail designs and finishes on the Projects Showcase.

I chose Canal Engineering because of their ability to precision fabricate and install within a complex and awkward geometry. They were able to provide us with a finish that has a natural patina whilst also being hardwearing, develop mock ups to help us make the right choice of detail and complete the work within a reasonable budget.”

Professor Julian Marsh


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