Innovative Architectural Metalwork

Innovative Architectural Metalwork

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Architects and designers are exploring unique ways to create innovative, structural installations achieved through architectural metalwork fabrication. The increased creativity and precision in metalwork fabrication means the most complex architectural designs can be brought to life. There are numerous ways to utilise bespoke architectural metalwork in both interior and exterior spaces including the use of laser cut decorative screens, balconies, canopies sculptures and many more.

The process involves the manufacturing of constructions from raw materials such as formed and expanded metal, sectional or flat metal, structures and fittings. The main techniques used in bespoke metalwork fabrication include welding, cutting, spinning and forming.  Bespoke metalwork can be utilised on the following installations:

  • Laser cut metal panels are versatile and therefore makes them suited to interior decor as well as any exterior environment. Bespoke laser cut screens can be incorporated into interior spaces and utilised as room dividers, wall features, door shutters as well as feature balustrades. These panels can also be utilised in external spaces such as balconies, gardens and privacy screens.
  • Balconies are perfect for creating additional floor space and increasing the functionality of the building which can be found in private housing, apartment blocks and more. Many architectural metalwork styles can be incorporated into a balcony construction including traditional, minimalist to contemporary structures.
  • Canopies are stylish and practical solutions to providing all-year round protection from the elements. These bespoke metalwork designs are eye-catching as well inviting; creating the ideal style statement for guests and visitors.
  • Sculptures push the vision in architecture, design and engineering by bringing unique designs concepts to life. Bespoke metalwork provides a steady framework for many art pieces, sculptures and architectural structures.

The stripped back minimal and industrial finishes are rising in popularity with architects and designers for bespoke metalwork. This finish is the ultimate crowd pleaser to anyone who loves their space and in need of injecting character and texture into their unique installation and landscape.

At Canal we have invested in our manufacturing capabilities with our state-of-the-art purpose-built facility to cope with all the demands of architectural metalwork. Our facility is approximately 57,480sq ft and we employ over 120 highly experienced and skilled employees. We continue to invest in the very latest technology and have recently installed a brand-new Amada 3kW fibre laser cutting machine capable of cutting 20mm mild steel complete with an integral loading and stacking system.

Canal Engineering has a wealth of experience in metalwork, reputation for design innovation and commitment to quality that has made us the preferred supplier for British-made metalwork fabrication since 1924. Canal Architectural, a division of Canal Engineering has been designing, fabricating and installing bespoke architectural metalwork for over 30 years.

If you wish to chat one of Technical Sales Team regarding any bespoke architectural metalwork projects, please email: for more information.

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