What type of signage does my store need?

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Not only is retail signage is a great way to help customers to find your business, it also allows you to make a design statement.

There are a variety of different types of signage that you can utilise to ensure that people can find your business. The options for bespoke signs are almost endless, so you can create whatever you have in mind.

Read on for a little inspiration.

Totem signs

Often found at the entrance to retail or business parks, totem signs are usually tall, freestanding signs. They usually list individual stores, give directions to particular facilities, or simply mark the location of a business.

A bespoke totem sign will make your business stand out and will help customers to find your premises. They can be easily seen from a distance, making them ideal for placing at the roadside.

They can be single or double sided, flat or curved, or may incorporate other particular design features to your specification.

Directory signs

Directory signs provide a list of buildings, rooms, departments or companies to inform visitors where they need to go. They are useful in a range of settings, including business parks, retail parks, offices, industrial estates, hospitals and universities.

Depending on their application, directory signs may be internal or external. Some are solid with permanent information, while others incorporate panels or slats so that they can be easily updated as necessary.

Illuminated signs

Your company’s sign is a big part of its branding and advertising. Illuminated signage allows you to stand out and get your name seen even outside business hours.

Bars, restaurants and other similar locations may benefit from illuminated signs to create ambience and style. Bespoke neon lettering or lightbox designs are particularly popular for this.

Store entrance features

The entrance to your store is the first thing that customers will see when they visit you. It can make or break their first impression of you, so it’s important to get it right.

There are many ways to create the right atmosphere through the design and layout of your entrance. Glass fronts allow customers to easily see into the store, and give you the opportunity to create eye-catching window displays. Incorporating your brand colours and logo into your entrance will strengthen your identity.

Work with Canal Architectural to create amazing signage

The Canal Architectural team has the knowledge and expertise to craft whatever type of sign you need. We work with signage companies to design and manufacture bespoke signage that suits any business’ requirements.

Canal work with you from the initial consultation stage, advising on the best materials, style and design of signage. We then design and fabricate the signs in our Nottingham workshop, before installing them onsite.

To speak to us about a signage project, get in touch online and let us know your requirements.

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