The Art of Stairs | The Cantilever ‘Floating’ Staircase Design

The Art of Stairs | The Cantilever ‘Floating’ Staircase Design

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Over recent years, one staircase design has emerged and grown rapidly in popularity among architects, designers, developers and home owners, which provides a spectacular architectural art form; The Cantilever Staircase Design.


Architectural engineering and intelligent design can both integrate into a property, and transform architecture into art.

It is becoming increasingly common for people to play an active role in designing different aspects of their home by integrating their own personality and character into the furnishings and décor.

One of the main components within a property that often gets overlooked, but when given attention can transform even the most standard of homes into one to be desired, is the staircase.

With limitless design possibilities and material choices, the staircase is now a highly regarded feature, which requires the time, effort and admiration of the architectural world.


Staircase Design Concept

The term cantilever might sound elaborate, but it is merely describing the construction of the staircase design.

A cantilever is a beam anchored at only one end allowing the protruding construction to overhang without any external bracing or support.

Most commonly found within buildings, bridges and aircrafts, the simplistic cantilever design has been transferred into staircase design to create an array of different overhanging treads or steps.

The transformation from a standard staircase into one that needs no support underneath or in between creates a vision of open space, which demonstrates the unique floating appearance that is extremely aesthetically pleasing.


Cantilever Staircase Construction

The floating cantilever staircase design is incredibly reliant on its structure.

Due to the nature of the design, it is imperative that the walling it is connected to is strong and reliable enough to take the load. Therefore the construction and installation method is dedicated by the wall in question.

Thankfully, there are multiple construction options available to cater for the various wall structures in residential properties across the UK and abroad.

Floating Staircase Design Styles

The stair design and its structurally sound construction is not restricted to a common straight flight style as found in most domestic homes.

As long as the structure is considered, the versatility of the cantilever stair can be designed in many styles including;


Material Choices and Finishes

Along with most architectural projects, the choice of materials for the cantilever staircase are near infinite.

In addition to the main steel construction, choosing materials for your staircase can be broken down into the individual elements which include;

  • Treads or Steps
  • Risers
  • Balustrade
  • Handrail
  • Fixings
  • Nosing Strips
  • Other Bespoke Detailing

One of the most common and contemporary styles used incorporates timber, glass and stainless steel. The use of glass balustrades creates the appearance of space within a home by allowing more light to travel around the stair and throughout the property.

Solid timber box treads are installed over the steel structure, which is often matched to the existing floor within the property, while the subtle appearance of stainless steel for the handrail complements most interior décor.

Material choices are subject to norms, similarly to the ever changing fashion trends in architecture.

Recently, there has been a sudden rise in demand for raw material finishes such as steel and concrete. To complement these materials, people are combining them with handrails made from coloured leathers or animal skin effect leathers to create a bold statement.


Long Lasting Staircase Performance

Achieving the correct performance of this particular staircase design is about more than its aesthetics.

With various technical components and design elements to consider, it is imperative that specifiers select the right manufacturer, supplier and installer with the necessary experience and expertise.

It is invaluable to complete a staircase project successfully and to a high standard, as in time this will determine its performance, durability and overall appearance.


Free Cantilever Staircase Design Masterclass Presentation

For a further understand of the cantilever staircase design and its various installation methods, please contact the Canal Team and ask about their cantilever staircase masterclass:


Telephone: +44 (0) 115 986 6321

To see a full size installation of a cantilever staircase design, Canal have one installed in their London Showroom, which boasts solid timber treads, glass balustrade and a satin polished, stainless steel handrail; a popular choice within domestic homes.

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