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steel staircase handrail

Health and safety guide to handrails

While handrails on a staircase can add a beautiful design element, they are also an important safety feature to prevent loss of balance or falls. There are many styles, materials and designs to choose from, but what are the health and safety requirements for handrails? What regulations cover staircase safety and handrails? Building Regulations Part…

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glass staircase treads close-up

Are glass staircases safe?

Glass staircases have become an increasingly popular design feature in residential and commercial settings alike. They provide a clean, modern feel and can be paired with timber or stainless steel to create a striking and functional centrepiece. But are glass staircases safe? Due  to the association of glass with frailty, many people are left wondering…

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outfit retail signage riverside retail park

What type of signage does my store need?

  Not only is retail signage is a great way to help customers to find your business, it also allows you to make a design statement. There are a variety of different types of signage that you can utilise to ensure that people can find your business. The options for bespoke signs are almost endless,…

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Top ways to improve staircase safety

Whether you’re designing stairs for a domestic or commercial application, it’s essential to make sure that the final design is as safe as possible to prevent trips, falls and injury. Read on to learn more about some of the most important aspects in staircase safety. Riser height The riser is the board that forms the…

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How Laser Cut Metal Screens Can Transform Your Space

Learn how our laser cut metal screens can transform your home or business whilst adding privacy… Design your bespoke laser cut metal screens with Canal Architectural today, we design, manufacture and install our private and decorative screens from a huge back catalogue of metals and finishes including aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and more. Our…

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