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The Advantages of Using Glass In A Staircase

Choosing the material for your staircase can be a tough decision. The right choice can help to accentuate the most beautiful features of your space, illuminating the luxurious feel and texture of the staircase and enhancing the interior style you so carefully designed. The wrong choice can make your space feel claustrophobic, small and uncomfortable,…

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Have you visited our London Showroom yet?

Sometimes it can be hard finding inspiration for your next architectural project. Perhaps you’ve got an idea for a grand, sweeping staircase you just can’t visualise or are considering adding a balcony to your upper floors? The Canal Architecture London Showroom is based in Islington’s Business Design Centre, full of beautiful and elegant samples of…

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Open Riser Staircases

What are open riser staircases?

One of the most modern staircase trends to emerge in recent years is the concept of open-riser stairs. Full-length staircases omitting the space between the treads – an entirely stylistic choice based on the designers’ personal preference – are rapidly becoming a favourite in new build homes. So which home types suit open riser staircases?…

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Glebe Bespoke Mild Steel Staircase

Staircase Decorating Ideas

As the focal point of many a home, your staircase deserves to be a centrepiece of your interior style. Representing your personality, your family and your sanctuary, the staircase is the piece of architecture that brings you into the world in the morning and carries you up to bed at night. But this can mean…

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Helical vs Spiral Staircases – What are the differences?

At Canal, we can design and manufacture a range of different bespoke staircases to meet your needs whether it be for a commercial or residential property. One of the questions we get asked a lot is what is the difference between a helical and spiral staircase? Both different types do share similar features. Both of…

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