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Why choose a Cantilever staircase design

Why choose a cantilever staircase design? The Cantilever staircase is a truly unique piece of engineering and can create the biggest style statement and transform the interior of a property or internal space. So why is the Cantilever staircase design so revered? More than any other staircase design, the cantilever makes a style statement and…

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Homeowners staircase design guide

Your staircase is the focal point your interior space and the place that links both people and spaces together. Not only should the design impact and complement your interior space but it should also be practical. The team of technical experts at Canal have created an essential staircase guide to advise you on all design…

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Surface Design Show 2020

Canal Architectural are pleased to announce we’re exhibiting at the Surface Design Show from 11th-13th February 2020.  The Surface Design show is the leading event for architects and designers to explore the very best in material innovation. The event will be taking place at the Business Design Centre in Islington; visit Canal at showroom 332…

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What are the parts of a staircase called (staircase terminology)

Staircases come in many different shapes, styles and sizes; however, the parts of the staircase are normally universal for each staircase. Each component has its own function whether it be an aesthetic design feature or important safety element each different part of a staircase has its own important role. When you are designing a staircase…

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UK Staircase Regulations

A tailor made staircase is the structural masterpiece of a property or commercial space. The perfect design solution should incorporate all the elements of style, practicality and safety. A staircase design should not only look aesthetically pleasing but also be safe to use – that’s why it’s imperative your staircase complies with current building regulations….

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