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Helical Staircase

Staircases 101: What Are the Different Types of Staircases?

What are the different types of staircases? A staircase is comprised of a flight of steps between two (or more) floors, including any landings, handrails, and balustrades. But more than a means of getting from one floor to another, a staircase can be a key interior design feature of a space. There are a range…

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Staircase Trends and Ideas for 2023 – What is Trending in Staircases?

With a focus on deep and rich colours, bold patterns, and ornate furnishings – maximalist interior design has returned to popularity over the past few years. 2023 stairway trends will follow suit with a focus on statement stairways that add texture, style, and personality to your spaces. The popularity of quality materials – glass, metal,…

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Advantages Of A Metal Staircase

When designing a staircase for your commercial space or property, there are a number of key decisions you will have to make – most importantly what material the staircase will be constructed from. The traditional material option used was timber, however more architects, homeowners and developers are opting for steel structures as this enables more…

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Staircase Trends 2022

The evolving pandemic and advances in sustainability has shifted the way architectural design is perceived in 2022. There is an ever-growing appreciation of craftmanship as well as a trend towards the mixing of styles, finishes and unique features in staircase design. The use of visually personalised features with sustainable finishes are rising in popularity in…

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Meet The Canal Team

Canal Architectural has a heritage of design innovation, quality manufacture and efficient installation that stretches back to our formation in 1924. The Canal team represents a group of passionate and industry leading professionals that continually push the creative boundaries in metalwork fabrication to achieve the most captivating solutions. Our combined and unique experience in metalwork fabrication means we will work…

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