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The endless possibilities of bespoke metal fabrication

Bespoke metal fabrication can range from metal fire escapes and staircases to balustrades, ladders and sheet metal work. But first, what is bespoke metal fabrication? These days, metal fabrication has an array of meanings as well as many uses. The process involves the manufacturing of constructions from raw materials such as formed and expanded metal,…

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Staircase balustrade trends for 2019

Balustrades are one of the most important features of a staircase. Not only do balustrades act as a key safety component they also offer an opportunity for a homeowner to add a unique look to their staircase. Bespoke balustrades are becoming increasingly popular with each passing year as homeowners and interior designers are using the…

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fire escape stairs

UK regulations for fire escape stairs

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing and constructing a building of any type is to ensure adequate means of escape in the event of a fire. This is particularly important for multi-storey buildings and those with high occupancy. Regulations for fire escape stairs are covered by various documents, including: British Standards…

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steel staircase handrail

Health and safety guide to handrails

While handrails on a staircase can add a beautiful design element, they are also an important safety feature to prevent loss of balance or falls. There are many styles, materials and designs to choose from, but what are the health and safety requirements for handrails? What regulations cover staircase safety and handrails? Building Regulations Part…

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glass staircase treads close-up

Are glass staircases safe?

Glass staircases have become an increasingly popular design feature in residential and commercial settings alike. They provide a clean, modern feel and can be paired with timber or stainless steel to create a striking and functional centrepiece. But are glass staircases safe? Due¬† to the association of glass with frailty, many people are left wondering…

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